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Assisting Women In Transition With Grief And Financial Issues

When we go through a big loss, grief is how our mind and body naturally react. Everyone handles grief in their own way, but lots of people have similar feelings and reactions when they're grieving.

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My clients come to me:

  • When they want to make smart decisions about money

  • When they feel overwhelmed and want clarity and a sense of confidence and empowerment

  • When they want to organize assets and create a comprehensive plan that provides for loved ones

  • When they wish to prevent or resolve conflict among family members

  • When they want a strategy to make the best choices for managing their wealth now and provide for heirs in a tax-efficient way

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Hi, I'm Kathleen Stapleton, CFP®

Founder of Choice Insurance & Financial Services, Inc

I am a Certified Financial Planner Professional with decades of experience. I am a registered Tax Preparer. And a Registered Investment Advisor.  I am a Certified Life Coach, Reiki II Level practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner.  

I was 2 years old when my Mom was widowed, and 37 when I was divorced.

75% of women will be widowed and the average age a wife becomes a widow is 59. Divorce rates have come down slightly, but 43% of people divorce. 

I am an advocate for women who are navigating a tough transition - - who have lost their partner to death, divorce or dementia and are overwhelmed with all the financial decisions that need to be made..

I elicit a client's values by taking a holistic approach of people first, then things second. I ask about the “who” and “what’s” that are important to them: what’s important about money, what are their goals and priorities.  Then we map out the best path forward.

Clients appreciate my honesty. They feel safe to ask questions. They don’t feel discounted or diminished. One lady told me her previous advisor directed his remarks to her husband. She felt intimidated to ask a question because she felt uneasy “slowing down” the flow of the meeting. The sad truth was, the majority of the investment portfolio was her inheritance!

I assist women in creating a path to their new future....

I’m passionate about creating clear pathways to bring your goals into reality.

I make the overwhelming and confusing parts about financial planning easy to understand. My goal is to safeguard the dreams you’ve strived to achieve and the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate.

I help people grow their money, create peace of mind, and be confident they are on track to realizing their desires.

I listen and endeavor to create a plan that reflects your unique situation, protects the people you love and the things that matter most to you.

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